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Advanced Deep Learning with R: Become an expert at designing, building, and improving advanced neural network models using R
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Book chapters

Rai BK, Meshram A, (2020).
Application of neural network to detect freezing of gait in patients with Parkinson’s disease
Chapter in book titled Soft Computing, edited by Mangey Ram and S. B. Singh
De Gruyter, Published in 2020, eISBN: 9783110628616.

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Supervised Machine Learning: Application Example Using Random Forest in R
chapter in book titled Mathematics Applied to Engineering and Management, edited by Mangey Ram and S. B. Singh
CRC Press Taylor & Francis Company, ISBN: 978-0-8153-5804-6.

Select Publications 

Meshram, A., and Rai, B. (2019).
User-Independent Detection for Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease Using Random Forest Classification
International Journal of Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare, 4(1), 57-72.

Xiaoling, Lu.; Rai, B.; Yan, Z.; Li, Y. (2018).
Cluster-based Smartphone Predictive Analytics for Application Usage and Next Location Prediction
International Journal of Business Intelligence Research , 9(2), 64-80.

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Optimization of process audit plan for minimizing vehicle launch risk using MILP
International Journal of Procurement Management, 6, 379-393.

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Competitiveness of Small and Medium size Enterprises: An Empirical Research
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Warranty Spend Forecasting for Subsystem Failures Influenced by Calendar Month Seasonality
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Customer-rush near warranty expiration limit and nonparametric hazard rate estimation from known mileage accumulation rates
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